SOP for Access Control Audit Trial of IMS

To establish a standard procedure for developing Access control, Audit Trail and Data Backup of Inventory Management System (IMS).

This procedure is applicable for all warehouse units in (Company Name).

3.1 Warehouse Officer to follow and record documents as per SOP.
3.2 Warehouse In Charge are responsible to ensure compliance to SOP.

4.1 Manager, Warehouse

5.1 Concerned personnel should be trained on the SOP
5.2 Any change in system will be executed through change control as per change control procedure

6.1 Access Control for IMS
6.1.1 There will be different access levels of authorization based on operating software scope.
6.1.2 Warehouse Manager and MIS Manager will make authorization to the activities of different level users.
6.1.3 All user will be assigned a password and confirm to the password Management Policy.
6.1.4 Date and time must be locked and the users should not be able to change the date and time in the computer systems used in the warehouse area.
6.2 Audit Trail For IMS
6.2.1 Audits will be performed on a regular basis by the internal audit group. (Ref. SOP MS002).
6.2.2 Audits will be managed by the internal audit group or MIS, in accordance with the Audit Policy. Audit group will filter findings not related to a specific operational group and then present the findings to the appropriate personnel for remediation or justification.
6.2.3 Every effort will be made by MIS to prevent audits from causing operational failures or disruptions.
6.3 Data Backup for IMS
6.4 Data Backup procedure of the system is defined and tested as SOP SECURITY POLICY.

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