What are the GMP Requirements?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a set of standards that pharmaceutical companies must adhere to in order to make safe and effective medicines. GMP requirements are based on the principles of quality, safety and efficacy.

The most important aspect of GMP is quality. Pharmaceutical products must be free of contamination and meet all required specifications. Drugs that do not meet GMP requirements may be unsafe and ineffective.

GMP requires manufacturers to follow certain procedures to make drugs. These procedures include tracking materials and devices, using valid procedures and tools, and keeping records of all activities.

Another important aspect of GMP is safety. Manufacturers must ensure that drugs are safe before releasing them to the public. They must test drugs for potential hazards, report any hazards to regulators, and take appropriate action to address any issues.

Finally, GMP requires that drugs be effective. Manufacturers must ensure that the drugs they produce are effective and safe for patients to use. They must ensure that the products meet all the required specifications.

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