Stojanovic Pharm Doo

„Stojanović Pharm“ d.o.o. produces dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Luna Cosmetics. In 2007, after changes in organization and strategic goals, the company continued under the name Stojanovic Pharm. Over the last few years we have created our own brand, known for its quality and reasonable prices, with the aim that our customers have good products available at convenient prices. Our products are sold through wholesale and retail channels in the domestic market and, as well, we export to foreign markets. Since 2009 we have focused our activities on production services.

Considering the amount of competition in the market, our professional team has a long-term and difficult task: to realize outlined goals in the quality of the products themselves, as well as the design appearance of the packaging, advertisement and the like. Also, we are working on becoming one of the leading producers on the market, maintaining the rating and image we have built.

Stojanovic Pharm employs a highly professional staff which participates in advancing business practices. Continuous investment in development, new equipment and modern technology are the markers of the continual improvement and response to the demands of the modern market.

(Good Manufacturing Practice) for dietary supplement includes rules and regulations necessary for securing quality in processing: production, packaging, documentation and storage of dietary supplements. Concluding regulations include requirements for establishing factory equipment quality control, design and construction as well as ingredient and final product testing.

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