SOP list for Warehouse

=>> Dress change procedure for entrance and exit of warehouse
=>> Receiving of raw materials and primary packaging materials
=>> Labeling of Raw materials and Packaging materials
=>> Assigning location number at Warehouse
=>> Issue,Transfer and return of Raw Materials for dispensing
=>> Procedure to following FIFO system
=>> Preparation and affixing labels to Packaging Materials
=>> Issue and transfer of Packaging Materials
=>> Handling of damaged or broken container of RAW Materials
=>> Receiving of secondary packaging materials
=>> Transfer of Raw and primary packaging Materials to Quarantine Storage
=>> Transfer of Packaging Materials to Quarantine Storage
=>> Cleaning of Warehouse
=>> Receipt and storage of flammable solvents
=>> Finished product dispatch and record
=>> Storage, issue and control of Labels
=>> Reconciliation of Raw Material Usage
=>> Reconciliation of Packaging Material Usage
=>> Daily Accuracy Check of Warehouse Balance
=>> Receiving of anticancer raw materials
=>> Temperature and humidity monitoring at RM and FG warehouses , cold room Refrigerator ( Industrial) & Solvent Store
=>> Operation of Forklift Truck
=>> Storage of Rejected Materials
=>> Distribution of Finished Product
=>> Cleaning of Internal Pallets , Cages Trolley and Hand Trolley of Warehouse

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