SOP list for Microbiology

=>> Environmental Monitoring
=>> Maintaining of Stock Cultures in the Microbiology Laboratory
=>> Preparation, sterilization & preservation of Culture Media
=>> Growth promotion test
=>> Procurement and storage of Reagents and Dehydrated microbiological media
=>> Gram Staining of Microorganisms
=>> Isolation & Identification of Specific Microorganisms
=>> Storage and Disposal of Biohazard Waste & Tested Sample
=>> Procedure for Identification of Unspecified Microorganisms
=>> Endotoxin test with Kinetic LAL Analyzer
=>> Operation, Calibration & Maintanence procedure of Autoclave
=>> Operation, Calibration & Maintenance of Micropipettes
=>> Operation Procedure of Portable Airborne Particle Counter
=>> Good Microbiology Laboratory practice
=>> Operation calibration & maintenance procedure of hot air Oven
=>> Cleaning and Sterilization of Glassware used in Microbiology Laboratory
=>> Sampling and Microbial Analysis of Purified Water and Potable water
=>> Operation, Cleaning and Maintenance of Microscope
=>> Microbiological Test of Empty Containers and Other Packaging Materials
=>> Standard Inoculating Procedure
=>> Operating procedure for CI-500 innovation laser partical counter
=>> Operation ,calibration & maintenance of Incubator (for bacteria)
=>> Operation, Calibration and Maintenance of Incubator (Fungi)
=>> Operation and Cleaning of Vortex Mixer
=>> Operation, Calibration, Cleaning and Maintenance of analytical Balance
=>> Sampling and Microbial Analysis of Water for Injection and pure Steam
=>> Operation, Calibration & Maintenance of Laminer Airflow Cabinet
=>> Operation, Calibration and Cleaning of Hot Water Bath
=>> Total Viable Count for Raw Materials
=>> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test Procedure
=>> Operation, Calibration, Cleaning & Maintenance of Total Organic Carbon (TOC-L) Analyzer
=>> Operation and Calibration Procedure for Air Sampler
=>> Total Viable Count of Finished Product
=>> Microbiological Test Method Validation
=>> Operation, Cleaning and Maintenance of Membrane Filtration Unit
=>> Testing of Rinse water and Swab samples for Equipment Cleaning
=>> Cleaning and Sanitation of microbiology Laboratory Area
=>> Entry and Exit procedure for microbiology area
=>> Sterility test Procedure
=>> Bacterial Endotoxin testing Procedure (Gel clot)
=>> Operation, calibration & maintenance of liquid Borne partical counter.
=>> Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) for Raw Materials and Finished Products
=>> Protein estimation of raw materials and finished products
=>> Procedure of Western Blotting
=>> Procedure of Isoelectric Focusing
=>> Operation procedure of Mini Protein Tetra System
=>> Operation procedure of Smart Spec plus Spectrophotometer
=>> Operation procedure of protein IEF cell
=>> Operation procedure for Gel Doc Bioimager
=>> Operation Procedure of iMARK Microplate Reader
=>> Activity Determination of RHEPO
=>> Operation Procedure of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-80C)
=>> Operation Procedure of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-20C)
=>> Operating procedure of Zetasizer Nanoseries
=>> Media fill procedures
=>> Operation and Maintenance of Inverted Biological Microscope
=>> Procurement, Management and Operation of Biological Indicators
=>> Endotoxin Challenge test procedure for Dry heat Sterilizer
=>> Removal and Disposal of Media after media filling
=>> Procedures for 70% IPA Efficacy Test
=>> Microbial Challenge Test for Container and Closure System Integrity
=>> Procedure for Microbial Challenge Test in the Filter Validation
=>> Disinfectant solution preparation
=>> Enumeration of spore in Biological Indicator
=>> Change procedure of sterility test area in microbiology laboratory
=>> Transfer procedure of prepared Media Plates from Microbiology Laboratory to production Area

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