SOP for Preventive Maintenance of Co-Mill

To establish a standard preventive maintenance procedure for the Co-mill.

This SOP is applicable for the preventive maintenance of Co-mill installed at the Granulation area of (Company Name).

3.1 Maintenance Engineer shall be responsible to follow the procedure strictly.
3.2 Supervisor shall be responsible to ensure that the SOP is followed properly.

4.1 Head of Engineering.

5.1 Concerned personnel should be trained on the SOP.
5.2 Before starting the maintenance work, stop the machine and isolate the power supply. Hang the board “UNDER MAINTENANCE”.

6.1 The preventive maintenance of the Co-Mill consists of monthly & half yearly maintenance. Carry out the works as per the Maintenance Check list shown in ANNEXURE-I. The format annexed is of duration of 6 months. For the use of subsequent period of different durations, the same format with appropriate month and year to be printed in the format. This printed format will be a controlled copy issued by Q.A.
6.2 MONTHLY maintenenece:
6.2.1 Check that the locking of the machine is tight.
6.2.2 Check that the push button controls are functioning properly.
6.2.3 Check the condition of blades. If any wear is found, inform the concerned Engineer/Manager.
6.2.4 Check the correct positioning and operation of the safety sensor.
6.3 HALF YEARLY Maintenece:
6.3.1 Check the condition of sieve & its locking arrangement. Check the motor for free movement.
6.3.2 Check the TMR seal on the countershaft and replace if necessary.
6.3.3 Check the motor mounting bolts. Tighten if necessary.
6.3.4 Check the electrical connections in the operating panel & control panel.
6.3.5 Check the PLC for proper functioning.
6.3.6 Start the machine as per SOP and check for any vibration. If any vibration is found, stop the machine and check for looseness of mounting bolts/ gear/ blades/ sieves.
6.4 After completion of maintenance work, clean the surrounding area of the machine. Remove the grease/ dirt and clean by dry cloth. Check that no objects or tools are left in or around the machine.

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