SOP for Operation of Ultrasoinc Bath

To set up a procedure for the operation and calibration of Digital Ultrasonic Bath.

This SOP is applicable for the operation and calibration of Digital Ultrasonic Bath, Model No. : Power Sonic -510 (Eq. ID: QC/167) in the Quality Control Department of (Company Name).

3.1 Operating personnel in the laboratory is responsible for carrying out the procedure.
3.2 Overall responsibility for training, implementation & follow-up with the QC Manager or his/her nominee.

4.1 Head of Quality.

5.1 Disconnects the Ultrasonic bath, from the power source prior to cleaning.
5.2 Never use any chemical solutions inside the bath, except cleaning detergents.
5.3 Never touch the ultrasonic bath with naked hand
5.4 Never use any sharp metal for cleaning.
5.5 Never run the Ultrasonic bath while it is empty.

6.1 Operation
6.1.1 Make sure the power line is disconnected and then fill with water. The liquid should come to within 3 cm from the top of the bath when the tray and items to be sonicated are submerged
6.1.2 Plug the ultrasonic bath into its power source and press power button to on.
6.1.3 Select SONIC using the MODE button and set strength of ultrasonic wave using L,M and H button.
6.1.4 After selecting TIME with the MODE button, set operating time with numeric buttons and then press ENTER button.
6.1.5 After selecting TEMP with the MODE button, set operating temperature with numeric buttons and then press ENTER button.
6.1.6 After inputting all parameters, push the START/STOP button to start sonication.
6.1.7 When the items are sonicated, Press START/STOP button to stop sonication.
6.2 Cleaning and Maintenance
6.2.1 Clean the bath using a solution of mild detergent and water. Use sufficient amount of water to wash the bath after detergent treatment and again drain out the water. To remove the rest of the water use a clean & dry piece of sponge or soft cloth that easily soaks the water.
6.3 Calbration
6.3.1 Set temperature 100C, 200C and 300C sequentially. Operate 30 min for each temperature setting and verify through calibrated thermometer.
6.3.2 Set 10 min, 30 min and 50 min sequentially for sonic time and verify through calibrated timer.
6.3.3 Put all values in Annexure-I
6.3.4 If calibration does not comply with limit contact with supplier
6.3.5 Frequency : One year  15 days
6.3.6 Acceptance Criteria : For temperature  0.50C, For Time  30 sec

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