SOP for Operation of air sampler

1.0 OBJECTIVE : To set up a standardized general procedure to check and calibrate the air sampler.

2.0 SCOPE : This SOP is applicable for calibration and checking the status of the air sampler, MAS-100NT.

3.1 Sr. QC Officer/ QC Officer shall be responsible for carrying out the procedure.
3.2 Overall responsibility for training, implementation & follow-up with the QC Manager or his nominee.

4.1 Head of Quality

5.1 Take care that no miss measurement occur due to turbulence of the air.
5.2 Protect the anemometer from any air current which could directly affect it.
5.3 Before using the air sampler, it should be fully charged.

6.1 Charging the battery
6.1.1 Connect the charger to the main power supply.
6.1.3 When the charger is plugged into the air sampler, the LCD display shows the battery icon starts flashing. The set volume of air is also appeared.
6.1.4 The battery icon becomes fully black if the battery is fully charged.
6.1.5 During using the sampler when the transparency of the battery icon reaches ¾ of the battery then it should be charged.
6.2 Adjusting Petri dish Support
6.2.1 Before using the air sampler for the first time it is needed to adjust the blue Petri dish support as follows:
6.2.2 Lift off the perforated lid and place a Petri dish on the dish support.
6.2.3 Use a 3 mm Allen key to adjust the three blue jaws until the Petri dish is securely supported and there is no play.
6.3 Operating the Air Sampler
6.3.1 After full charging disconnect the charger and switch on the sampler by pushing the button (4) under the screen for about 1 second until the blue LED (run) illuminates. Previously selected air sample volume retained in the memory appears on the display.
6.3.2 If the set sample volume is ok, carry out the air sampling as follows.
6.3.3 Remove the dust cover from the sieve and sanitize it with 70% IPA.
6.3.4 Unlock and remove the micro-perforated lid from the air sampler. by rotating to the right.
6.3.5 Place a closed standard Petri dish filled with agar on the top of the dish support.
6.3.6 Take the lid of the Petri dish.
6.3.7 Close the perforated lid.
6.3.8 The sampling head can be adjusted to any angle from horizontal to vertical airflow direction.
6.3.9 The air sampler is pre-programmed to collect 1000 L (1M3) air.
6.3.10 Remove the dust cover and start the collection cycle by pressing the ‘start’ button on the display. The air sampler displays the state ‘running’ and the Led (run) start flashing.
6.3.11 After completing the cycle, the test the instrument will display state “passed” which signifies that the set volume was collected without interruption and the collection process is valid.
6.3.12 In the position the LED (run) illuminates without flashing and the sample volume will displayed.
6.3.13 Then unlock the sampling head, close the Petri dish with the lid of Petri dish and remove it.
6.3.14 Carry out the steps from 6.3.3 to 6.3.10 for each and every cassette is to be used for air sampling.
6.4 Switching off the MAS-100 NT
6.4.1 In this position the air sampler will automatically shut off after 5 minutes.
6.5 Adjusting the sampling volume
6.5.1 To access the preset volumes press the Menu. Then select the button process setting.
6.5.2 To select the preset volume by pressing button no.:1/2 until display shows the desired sampling volume then set the volume press the change button once.
6.5.3 Then press the Save button to save the desired volume.

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