SOP for Operation of Air Cooled Reciprocating Chiller

Objective: To establish a standard procedure for operating the Air-cooled Reciprocating chiller (Model-CR-18002A)

Scope: This procedure is applicable for the operation of Air -cooled reciprocating chiller, Model-CR 18002A of (Company Name).

1 Operator shall be responsible for following the procedure strictly.
2 Supervisor shall be Responsible for ensuring that the SOP is followed properly.

Accountability Head of the Engineering.

Precautions Before starting the chiller following pre checks are to be carried out:
1 Check the condenser fins it should be cleaned
2 Check the position of chilled water inlet and outlet valves. That must be open.

Start-up procedure
6.1.1 Switch ON the chilled water pump from Pump Control panel and Observe the chilled water pressure it should be mare then 20 psi
6.1.2 To start select the required number of compressor from chiller control panel (its depends on load)
6.1.3 When chilled water pressure more then 20 psi, press start button to start the chiller. Ovserve the chilled water temperature after 30min it will be 6 – 8 degree C.
6.1.4 Check the lubricating oil level from the sight glass of the respective compressor, it should be more then half
6.1.5 Check the all condenser fan it should be in running condition
6.1.6 During running of chiller, record the parameters mentioned in the ANNEXURE -I at every one hour interval.
Shutdown procedure
6.2.1 Press the “Stop” button to shutdown the chiller.
6.2.2 Switch ‘’OFF’’ the chilled water pump.

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