SOP for Operation and cleaning of weighing balance

To describe the procedure for operation and cleaning of weighing balance (Sartorious combics 1 plus-Maximum capacity 64 kg and least count: 01 gm.)

This procedure is applicable for operation and cleaning of platform balances used in Warehouse.

3.1 Operator shall be responsible for operation and cleaning of platform balance as per laid down procedure.
3.2 Warehouse officer shall be responsible for training, execution and monitoring the procedure.
3.3 Head of Warehouse shall be responsible for effective implementation of procedure.

4.1 Manager, Warehouse.

5.1 Operate the balance in the range of 1 kg to 10 kg of the balance.
5.2 Ensure the balance is leveled and the air bubble is centered within the circle on the level indicator.
5.3 Ensure that the standard weights, which are being used for performance check and calibration, are calibrated and calibration certificate along with validity of calibration is available.
5.4 Use hand gloves to hold standard weights during performance check and calibration of balance. Fingerprint must be wiped off before using and storing the stone.
5.5 Ensure balance is clean before and after use, including its surrounding area.
5.6 Check due date of calibration before daily performance check and ensure calibration of balance as per frequency.
5.7 Being delicate and sensitive equipment handle with care, gently keep the articles to be weighed on the weighing platform.

6.1 Daily Performance Check of weighing balance
6.1.1 Concerned officer shall perform daily performance check of balance prior to start weighing activity.
6.1.2 During performance check in the log sheet, hand written acceptance limit calculation shall be verified by another WH officer.
6.1.3 During calibration/performance check, acceptance limit if found out of specification, WH officer raise deviation note to QA for further action.
6.1.4 Write down the Bubble Point status and Next calibration due date in remarks column of the daily function check log book. If it is OK, proceed further; otherwise adjust the level by screwing the leveling screws.
6.1.5 Wear hand gloves to take 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg certified stones and clean them carefully with a clean dry cloth.
6.1.6 Place the standard weights at the centre of the weighing pan to check performance of balance for specified weight of 1kg and record the observed weight in the logbook ‘Daily Performance Check of Weighing Balance’ (FRM No: FWH/013).Then carry out the same procedure for performance check of specified weights 5 kg and 10 kg.
6.1.7 The tolerance limit: ± 0.1% to that of specific weight.
6.1.8 The performance check of balance shall be done at the beginning of each working day. However, on the holydays, if balance is used, its performance checking must be done prior to use.
6.1.9 The performance check shall be valid up to working hours if the balance is not powered off within this period. In case of power failure ensure that performance of balance is checked again and documented.
6.2 Operation of weighing balance
6.2.1 Place the bag/container at the center of the weighing pan and record the weight.
6.2.2 Remove the weigh bag /container from balance.
6.2.3 After weighing of each material, clean the balance by using clean cloth.
6.2.4 At the end of working hours, switch off the balance first and then switch off the main supply to disconnect the balance.
6.3 Cleaning of weighing balance
6.3.1 Concerned officer shall perform daily cleaning of balance prior to start daily performance check and after every operations.
6.3.2 Ensure that the balance is switched ‘off’ before starting cleaning.
6.3.2 Clean the balance platform and surrounding area-using vacuum cleaner.
6.3.3 Take the dry clean cloth and wipe out balance platform and electrical wire.
6.4 Frequency:
6.3.1 Cleaning frequency: Daily before and after use.
6.3.2 Performance Check: Daily
6.3.3 Calibration frequency: Quarterly

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