SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Colony Counter

1.0 OBJECTIVE : To set up a standardized general procedure for the operation and cleaning of colony counters.

2.0 SCOPE : This SOP is applicable for operation and cleaning of Colony Counter-I and II, Model-SC6.

3.1 Operating personnel is responsible for carrying out the procedure.
3.2 Overall responsibility for training, implementation & follow-up with the QC Manager or his nominee.

4.1 Head of Quality.

5.1 Ensure the appropriate placing of the petridish on the receiver plate.
5.2 Make sure that the instrument is switched off during cleaning of receiver plate.

6.1 Operation
6.1.1 Connect the instrument to the main power supply.
6.1.2 Turn the instrument ON by pressing the ON/OFF switch located at the back of the unit. The LED display will glow and the plate chamber will be illuminated.
6.1.3 Position the petridish on the receiver plate using the centering adapter if required.
6.1.4 Ensure the display is set to zero before counting by pressing and holding the key.
6.1.5 Count the colonies by marking each colony with water based marker tip. Every time a colony is marked, the apparatus will register the count with a bleep and counter advance. To observe small colonies clearly, use the magnifier fitted on the top of the instrument.
6.1.6 If unwanted counts are made, they can be removed from the display by pressing the key once for each count.
6.1.7 When the count is complete either set the display to zero using the key or switch the unit OFF by pressing the ON/OFF switch.
6.1.8 To use the averaging facility, place the first petridish on the receiver plate, count it and at the end of the count press the key to store the count in the memory. This will be indicated by three dashes on the display.
6.1.9 Replace the petridish with the next, press key to resume the count and count it. Repeat until all the dishes have been counted. At the end of the counting press the key to display the average count.
6.1.10 When the average facility is active a red LED spot at the top left hand corner of the display will be visible.
6.1.11 When the count is completed press and hold the key until the display returns to zero. This will clear the memory of saved counts.
6.1.12 When all the counting is completed switch the unit OFF at the mains.
6.2 Cleaning of the receiver plate
6.2.1 Remove the plate from the instrument to clean the receiver plate.
6.2.2 Make sure that the instrument is switched off at the mains.
6.2.3 Tip the colony counter upside down.
6.2.4 Clean the plate using a damp cloth only.
6.2.5 Return the plate in the proper place of the instrument after cleaning.

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