SOP for Maintenance of Electrical Lift

Objective: To establish a standard preventive maintenance procedure for Electrical Lift.

Scope: This SOP is applicable for the Electrical Lifts installed at (Company Name).

1 Maintenance Engineer shall be responsible to follow the procedure strictly.
2 Supervisor shall be responsible to ensure that the SOP is followed properly.

Accountability: Head of Engineering.

1 Concerned personnel should be trained on the SOP.
2 Before starting maintenance work, switch OFF the main power supply to the Distribution Board and hang the board “UNDER MAINTENANCE”.

6.1 The maintenance of Electrical lift shall be carried out monthly by expert personnel of the supplier. The format annexed is of duration of 6 months. For the use of subsequent period of different durations, the same format with appropriate month and year to be printed in the format. This printed format will be a controlled copy issued by Q.A. The Maintenance personnel of BPL shall give assistance to them. Maintenance Check list as per ANNEXURE-I shall be followed to carry out the following works:
6.1.1 Machine Room Check the oil level of the gear unit. Check wear of grooves of deflection sheave and rope pulley. Check and adjust brake (if needed). Check carbons of Tacho-generator. Check and lubricate (if required) over speed governor. Check operation control/motor protection. Check emergency limit switch. Check controller contacts. Check contactors and relays. Check adjustment of time relay. Check controlling of Forward, reverse & call function. Check power supply for emergency call & lighting. Check lubricating film on rails. Check uniform tension of load ropes. Check and service the shaft switch. Check the buffers. Check all the sensors. Check fixation of rails and gauges. Check indicator lamps, push buttons etc.
6.1.2 Sliding Doors Check locks/ contacts and emergency unlocking device. Check and lubricate the moving parts. Check the guide shoes. Check roller suspension, connecting ropes and door buffers.
6.1.3 Car Check the guides. Check the safety gear and release rod. Check and service the car door and drive. Check friction of all switches and contacts.
6.2 Fill up the check list

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