SOP for Laundry Procedure

1. Purpose:
To lay down the procedure for washing and ironing of Company uniform.

2. Scope:
This procedure is applicable for cleaning and ironing of employees and workers uniform.

3. Reference & Attachments:
3.1. References: In house
3.2. Attachments:
3.2.1. Attachment-1: Daily Washing Records of Uniform
3.2.2. Attachment-2: Clean Uniform Receiving Record of Individual Employee.
3.2.3. Attachment-3: Solution Preparation register.
3.2.4. Attachment-4: Washing machine cleaning Register

4. Responsibility:
4.1. Officer – HR & Administration:
4.1.1. To check clean uniforms are given to employees
4.1.2. To check uniforms goes for washing.
4.1.3. To check uniform is properly cleaned and washed.
4.2. Laundryman:
4.2.1. To check the used uniform and make entry in the laundry format
4.2.2. To clean the used uniforms as per procedure.
4.2.3. To Dry the clothes manually and collect it in plastic tray/ crate / drum.
4.2.4. To iron the clothes as per procedure.
4.3. Head- HR & Administration:
4.3.1. To monitor the overall laundry activities.
4.3.2. To ensure the implementation of the SOP

5. Distribution:
5.1. Quality Assurance
5.2. HR and Admin.
5.3. Plant Head.

6. Definition of terms:
Not applicable

7. Procedure:
7.1. Cleaning procedure
7.1.1. Collect the dirty uniforms from S.S. Laundry Box from staff, worker & ladies change rooms.
7.1.2. Check their pockets for any objects.
7.1.3. Count the number of uniforms (Shirt, pant, overall, apron & cap) and entry in register.
7.1.4. Soak the clothes in 0.06% sodium hypo chlorite solution for 30 minutes only for secondary dress.
7.1.5. Put washing powder in detergent tray of washing machine. Switch “ON” the washing machine.
7.1.6. Put cloths in washing machine & set necessary parameter setting and then Start.
7.1.7. Let the machine run until wash cycle is completed.
7.1.8. After finished of cycle Switch Off the machine.
7.1.9. Collect the cloths from washing machine & segregate cloths for ironing.
7.2. Ironing procedure:
7.2.1. Prepare the ironing area.
7.2.2. Fill the iron’s water reservoir, if necessary.
7.2.3. Set the iron on the appropriate setting and let it heat.
7.2.4. Start the ironing.
7.2.5. Segregate the uniforms and keep ready for distribution.
7.3. Issuance procedure:
7.3.1. Twice in a week in the morning.
7.3.2. Collect dirty clothes and issue washed clothes.
7.3.3. Upon receiving the clean uniform all employee will update the attachment of “Clean Uniform Receiving Record of Individual Employee”. (Ref. Attachment-2)
7.4. Machine Cleaning:
7.4.1. Frequency: Once in a month.
7.4.2. Run the machine in 90ºC temperature without any cloths.
7.4.3. Let the machine run until finish the cycle.
7.4.4. Keep open the door for few times.
7.4.5. Keep record of the cleaning in the register.

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