SOP for Handling of Socks

1.0 Objective
To establish a procedure for handling socks worn in Production area.

2.0 Scope
This SOP shall be applicable for Production, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department.

3.0 Associated Documents
3.1 SOP: Laundering Attires of Different Areas

3.2 SOP: Dress Requirement and Gowning Procedure for Clean Areas

3.2 SOP: Dress Requirement and Gowning Procedure for Clean Areas

4.0 Responsibility/Accountability
4.1 Employees of Administration Dept. shall be responsible for carrying out the task.

4.2 Head of Production or his/her Designee shall be accountable for implementing the procedure.

5.0 Abbreviations
Not applicable.

6.0 Precautions
Not applicable.

7.0 Procedure
7.1 The socks shall be nylon, white coloured.

7.2 The socks shall be worn in the first change of ION Unit and Infusions Unit.

7.3 The socks shall be washed, dried and disinfected as per SOP No. IONGE007 and distributed to the concerned department on regular basis.

7.4 The socks shall be worn as per SOP Nos. IONPM003 and IONPS002. Whenever leaving the work place, the socks shall be kept with the general area attire in the personnel locker. At the end of an employee’s production shift, the socks shall be placed along with the rest of the used attire in the bins where they are collected for washing.

7.5 The socks shall be checked daily in the Laundry. Torn, discolored or stained socks shall be discarded and replaced with a new one. For this, a stock shall be maintained to avoid any shortfall.

7.6 The checking of socks shall be documented in a LOGBOOK (Enclosure 10.1)

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