SOP for Handling of Feeding area

1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure for Handling of Feeding Area.

2.0 SCOPE: This procedure is applicable to the o Handling of Feeding Area in ……..

Production: Technical associate/Officer /Executive/Assistant Manager.
Head Production: To ensure execution & compliance.
Head QA: To ensure the compliance.

4.1 Ensure that the feeding area is cleaned.
4.2 Check the label of the IPC bins before take into the feeding area for desired product in compression cubicle.
4.3 Clamp the lubricated granules IPC bins in feeding area with inner SS pipe through silicon bellow after verifying the label of the IPC bin as per the BMR and counter checking the weight of the bin with respect to BMR.
4.4 Fix it with the ‘Y’ chute to flow the granules in hopper to the compression machine.
4.5 After line clearance from QA open the discharge valve of the bin. Remove the cover of hopper and open the valve of ‘Y’ chute.
4.6 Open both valves on top of the hopper to allow the granules to flow so that hoppers are filled up.
4.7 On completion of the compression, check the bin for emptiness and affix ‘To be Cleaned ‘label on the bin and take it to the bin washing area.
4.8 Clean the inner pipe of feeding area depending upon the type of cleaning is to be done in compression machine.
4.9 If type A cleaning is to be done in compression machine then clean the inner pipe through dry and lint free cloth.
4.10 If type B cleaning is to be done in compression machine then clean the inner pipe with flow a jet of approximate 15-20 Kg of purified water. Then scrub it with nylon scrubber and wash with approximate 10-15 Kg purified water then finally rinse with approximate 5-10 Kg of purified water.
4.11 Wipe the inner pipe with 70% IPA and dry it with compressed air followed by dry lint free cloth.
4.12 Clean the feeding area as per SOP……..

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