SOP for Gas cylinder handling

OBJECTIVE: To establish a standard procedure for handling of gas cylinder.

SCOPE This SOP is applicable for (Company Name).

3.1 Operator shall be responsible to follow the procedure strictly.

3.2 Supervisor shall be responsible to ensure that the SOP is followed properly.

Head of Engineering

5.1 Before handling the gas cylinder operator should ensure that all the valves are closed properly

5.2 During handling of gas cylinder, one Assistant officer should be involved to ensure that the people are sufficient to handle the gas cylinder.

6.1. Incase of same floor, Use trolley to handle the gas cylinders .

6.2. Incase of handling gas cylinders in different floor ,use sufficient manpower with proper safety or Controller.

6.3. Before using the controller, one Assistant officer should ensure that the controller is in good condition or free of any kinds of Risk for handling the gas cylinders.

6.4. Then responsible Assistant Officer should permit to load the gas cylinder in the controller.

6.5. After loading gas cylinder in the controller, it should be hinged by rope with controller cable properly to ensure that handlings of gas cylinders are free of risk.

6.6. Before Lifting or Push down the gas cylinders, Assistant Officer should recheck that gas cylinders are hinged properly by rope in the controller.

6.7. ‘PUSH’ Start button for the controller to elevate or Push down the gas cylinders.

6.8. After Unloading of gas cylinders, keep the controller in proper place.

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