SOP for Filter Cleaning

OBJECTIVE: To laydown standard procedure for cleaning of AHU FILTERS.

SCOPE: This SOP covers all the microvee filters for all AHU.

RESPONSIBILITY: Contractor, Operator, Officer and Executive.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Head – Engineering.



1.0 Filters must be cleaned during non-production hours, as per the filter cleaning schedule or when the filters clogged alarm is observed.

2.0 Switch OFF the AHU from main panel.

3.0Wear hand gloves and nose mask.

4.0 Open the filter plenum.

5.0 Take out the filters from AHU and cover them in clean plastic bags without spilling the powders.

6.0 Bring the filters to filter cleaning area.

7.0 Put filter in to filter cleaning chamber with contaminated side facing inside

8.0 Start the scrubber blower and ensure that sufficient water is available in the scrubber tank.

9.0 Start the scrubber pump

10.0 Open the compressed air valve and clean the filter with compressed air at a pressure of 1.5 to 2 kg /cm2.

11.0 Use water jet for cleaning if dirt is not removed by air.

12.0 Apply air jet for drying the filter.

13.0 Visually inspect the filter. If there is any physical damage, replace the filter with new filter and mark the appropriate code number on the new filter.

14.0 Put cleaned filter in to clean plastic bags and bring to the respective AHU.

15.0 Clean the inner surface of AHU and filter housing thoroughly before installing the clean filters.

16.0 Fix the filter, in AHU plenum in its original location, fix them firmly.

17.0 Verify that the code number of the fitted filter matches with the respective AHU code to avoid interchange of filters.

18.0 Switch ON the AHU at the main panel.

19.0 Note down the cleaning date and due date on the AHU and in filter cleaning record form.

20.0 Abbreviation :
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
EG : Engineering.
Q.A : Quality Assurance.
AHU : Air Handling Unit.
CC No. : Change Control Number

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