Disposal of Scrap

Purpose: To define the procedure for handling and disposal of scrap.

Scope: This procedure is applicable for handling of all type of solid scrap.

References and Attachments:
3.1. References: In-house
3.2. Attachments:
3.2.1. Attachment-1: Scrap Disposal form

1. Warehouse:
1.1. To inform Quality Assurance for Inspection of Scrap & get approval from Quality Assurance Head.
1.2. To prepare proper document & take approval from Plant head.

2. Quality Assurance:
2.1. To inspect the scrap & take necessary action

1. Check that the scarp is collected & hand over the scarp to Admin personnel or security personnel to transfer the scarp to scrap yard.

2. Segregate the scrap properly into following:
2.1. Broken glass scrap, corrugated boxes, Plastic bags, Printed & Unprinted Aluminum foil, Plastic drum, Fiber drum, Nylon rope, Rubber band, Hand Gloves, Deface Label, show box, inserts, PVC, PVDC & others item.

3. At the time of scrap disposal send intimation to QA for inspection of the scrap. Send complete details of the scrap challan as an intimation.

4. QA checks the scrap from quality point of view. If it is in order, QA gives the clearance. Necessary report (scrap inspection) is also prepared. If the scrap is not in order, it is subjected to total re-inspection & rechecking by QA.

5. Get the approval from Plant Head.

6. Warehouse personnel will transfer the scrap to terrace and Security personnel or Admin personnel will received the scrap from terrace and transfered to the scarp yard for disposal using non returnable gate pass.

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