SOP for Batch numbering system for Milled material

Objective To describe the procedure of batch numbering system for material milling in production facility of (Company Name).

Scope This procedure is applicable for the numbering of the material milling in the manufacturing facility of (Company Name).

=>> Production planning personnel.
=>> Production personnel.
=>> Quality Assurance personnel.

=>> Batch means specific quantity of a material produced according to a single work order during the same cycle of manufacturing process and intended to have uniform character and quality.
=>> Batch number means distinctive combination of letters, number, or symbols, or any combination of them, from which the complete history of a batch is traceable.
=>> The batch number shall be unique Four-digit all numerical number in sequential order.
=>> The first batch number shall start from 0001 and this numbering system shall continue till batch number 9999.
=>> The sequential batch numbering shall be applicable to all material milled in the manufacturing facility of (Company Name) irrespective month or year of manufacture.
=>> The sequence shall continue up to 9999, however new sequence shall start again from 0001 after reaching batch number 9999.

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