SOP for Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan

1.0 OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure for sop for annual preventive maintenance plan.
2.0 SCOPE: This SOP is applicable for sop for annual preventive maintenance plan of ………………
3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: Technician is responsible for maintained the annual preventive maintenance plan. Engineer is
responsible for checking the annual preventive maintenance plan.
4.0 ACCOUNTABILITY: Head of Department / His Designee.
5.0 DEFINITION: Not Applicable

6.1 Checking before preventive maintenance
6.2 Check the all utility valves should be closed condition.
6.3 Switch off the input power and control panel.
6.4 Remove the parts and taken on trolley.
6.5 Isolates the parts in work shop done the alignment and change the required parts and done the proper lubrication in the system.
6.6 Annual preventive maintenance shall be done as per Annexure-I (Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan) and preventive maintenance schedule shall be done as per Annexure-II.
6.7 After completion of Preventive Maintenance status label on the equipments shall be changed accordingly.
6.8 Carry out the preventive maintenance schedule as per checklist mentioned in Annexure-II.

6.9 Tolerance limit for Preventive Maintenance:
• Annual Preventive maintenance -± one month from due date.
• Half Yearly Preventive maintenance – ± 15 days from due date.
• Quarterly Preventive maintenance – ± 7 days from due date.
• Monthly Preventive maintenance – ± 3 days from due date.



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