Softgel Capsule Manufacturing Steps

Gel Mass Compounding: The process of blending and heating granulated gelatin andother ingredients in warm water in a gelatin melting tank. With appropriate heat, mixing andvacuum, the ingredients form thick syrup called a “gel mass” for use in encapsulation. Colormay be added during the melting process or in a separate machine.

Fill Mass Compounding: The process of preparing the non-aqueous oil or dispersion thatwill be encapsulated. Preparation equipment may include: processing tanks, mixers,vacuum homogenizers, sieves and mills. Heated and unheated transfer tanks may be usedfor the fill material and gelatin while waiting for encapsulation.

Encapsulation: The process of converting the gel mass into a thin layer of gelatin andwrapping it around the fill material to form a softgel.

Drying: The process which removes excess moisture from the gelatin shell to shrink andfirm up the softgel. Drying occurs either by tumbling or by a combination of tumbling and traydrying.

Cleaning/Polishing, Inspection and Sorting: This is often required prior to packagingbased upon the intended use of the softgel.

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