ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd

Founded in 1997, ScinoPharm Taiwan is a global manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), providing a wide array of APIs and the development and manufacturing services of intermediates. In addition to supplying famous pharmaceutical companies and generic drug manufacturers around the world, we also provide API outsourcing services for new drug development companies and patented big pharmaceutical companies.

ScinoPharm’s main plant, a multi-functional chemical batch plant that is capable of producing multiple products, is located in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, with a total area of 6.6 hectares. It is also an API plant that complies with the FDA and international GMP standards with all its facilities designed with flexibility for easy operating. The facilities are equipped with advanced process monitoring systems to perform highly automated CGMP production operations.

Mainly supplying the international API market, ScinoPharm has become one of the leading international oncology generic APIs suppliers (in terms of generic APIs supply), offering bulk, diversified and world-leading anti-cancer drugs. In addition to anti-cancer APIs, we have also developed a wide variety of other products including CNS APIs, gastrointestinal APIs, etc. ScinoPharm also provides API process development and manufacturing for clinical trials for international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

In terms of product development, ScinoPharm focuses on the development of APIs with high-tech barriers. Our technical capabilities include organic synthesis of small molecules and peptide, making our R&D capabilities highly comprehensive. As our product manufacturing process is developed independently and does not infringe any existing patents, coupled with strong R&D and technical capabilities, ScinoPharm has since established a strong foothold in the highly competitive international market. Our global customers include the world’s top patented pharmaceutical companies and the top ten generic drug producers in the world, making o ScinoPharm one of the key API suppliers for the global pharmaceutical industry.

ScinoPharm has also entered the field of injectable products, providing customers with one-stop services using its vertically integrated structure from APIs to injectable formulations. The company is committed to the development of unique and high-end APIs. With its “Double-A” strategy (API and ANDA; Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Abbreviated New Drug Application), ScinoPharm seeks to have a greater influence in the global market. The setting up of injectable oncology drugs plant in Taiwan is just the beginning of this strategy. We believe this will further consolidate and expand ScinoPharm’s existing API business, enhance the company’s long-term competitive advantage and expand our opportunities for growth.

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