Quality Policy of Incepta Pharma Bangladesh

Incepta Vaccine Ltd is committed to the development, manufacturing, assembly, control and distribution of safe and
effective biological products in compliance with current regulatory requirements.

During the various phases of biological product development and registration. Emphasis is placed upon quality,
safety and efficacy assessed from sound scientific data generated in compliance with internationally recognized
standards and codes of practice.

Robust technology transfer mechanisms are established and maintained to ensure that products intended for
commercial use continue to manufactured, packaged and controlled using validated processes in qualified
environments capable of meeting our high quality standards.

Effective communications are maintained with our suppliers to enable the timely distribution of products maintaining the cold chain meeting with customer requirements and business objective.

Contracts and Technical Agreements with reputable organizations are maintained which clearly define
responsibilities in providing assurance that product quality, safety and efficacy will not be compromised whilst
operations continue to comply with all regulatory requirements.

To ensure that these quality principles are achieved and maintained Incepta will continue to develop effective quality management systems and organizations that are adequately resourced with personnel of the appropriate
background, knowledge, training and experience.

Quality standards will be maintained and management responsibilities are defined as part of the quality manual in
order to provide guidance in achieving the company’s quality objectives.

Incepta personnel have a collective responsibility for quality and must comply with requirements of the quality policy and quality standards, where applicable, in the performance of their daily duties.

We consider our human resources as one of the biggest assets. Our qualified and trained staffs are provided
constant training to upgrade their knowledge and stay conversant with state-of-art technology.

We value motivation amongst our personnel as an important factor to make them more competent and quality

The quality assurance of its products is the obligation of the company and all the departments of the company share
it by keeping vigil while purchasing, maintaining, manufacturing, testing, distributing and marketing of its products.

We keep in mind safety of our employees, at all work processes as well as our natural environment.

The company shall manufacture products of high quality, which shall be safe for human consumption, shall meet
the requirements of regulatory authorities and satisfy customers’ requirements with desired potency, safety, efficacy and stability.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd. is committed to continue its tradition of being the first to bring the new formulations and
innovative vaccines at affordable prices for its customers.

The policy of Incepta Vaccine Ltd. is to always provide the highest quality vaccine for all and maintain a leading
position in the local market and international markets through continuously improving our knowledge, production
capabilities and understanding of our markets.

We rely on the highest quality standards in achieving all of our goals.

The company shall make available all the requisite measures and resources to achieve the above goals.

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