SOP for Pre & use of disinfectant

To describe the procedure for preparation and usage of disinfectant solution.

This procedure is applicable for preparation of disinfectant solution to be used for cleaning and sanitise in warehouse.

3.1 Operator to follow the laid down procedure for preparation, storage and handling of disinfectants.
3.2 Warehouse officer shall be responsible for monitoring and executing the procedure
3.3 Manager, Warehouse shall be responsible for effective implementation of procedure.

4.1 Manager, Warehouse

5.1 Wear hand gloves while handling the disinfectant and avoid contact with eyes as it may cause irritation.
5.2 Do not inhale directly concentrated disinfectant solutions.
5.3 Avoid direct contact of disinfectant to the skin.
5.4 If accidentally disinfectant solution comes in contact with eyes, flush your eyes with plenty of water.
5.5 Ensure that “Approved” label for Detol/Savlon solution from QC department before disinfectant solution preparation.

6.1 Preparation of Disinfectants
6.1.1 2.5 % Dettol / 5.0% Savlon solution Freshly prepare the approximate disinfectant solution required for warehouse in cleaner’s room area at the beginning of the day. To prepare 20 Liter of 2.5% Dettol solution, mix 500 ml of Dettol and dilute with 19.5 Liter water in plastic container. To prepare 20 Liter of 5.0 % Savlon solution, mix 1.0 liter of Savlon and dilute with 19 Liter water in plastic container In case the prepared quantity of disinfectant solution is found inadequate, further quantity can be prepared as per requirement. Affix a disinfectant slotion label in the plastic container with Disinfectant Name, Concentration, Qty, Date of Preparation and Prepared by. Drain out the left over quantities of disinfectant solution after the completion of daily Cleaning operations.
6.2 Usage of Disinfectants
6.2.1 Change disinfectant solution alternatively on weekly schedule.
6.2.2 Use disinfectant solutions as per schedule to avoid contamination due to the resistance developed by particular organism to the solution in use.
6.2.3 Use freshly prepared disinfectant solution for daily cleaning.
6.2.4 Do not mix two disinfectants as the resulting mixture may loose its antimicrobial activity.
6.2.5 Avoid wastage of the disinfectant solution.
6.2.6 Balance quantity of disinfectant shall immediately discard in the drain.
6.2.7 Record the preparation and consumption in the ‘Disinfectant Preparation Record’ (FRM No.: WH039).

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