Personal Protection for GLP

All personnel must adhere to SOP on Entry and exit procedure for Quality Control Laboratory, QC026, while entering the laboratory. This will ensure that they have the minimum protection with the Laboratory coat and the appropriate footwear whilst in the QC laboratory.

Safety glasses must be worn during analysis and handling of specific reagents, chemicals, and glassware, as and when required. Personnel having spectacles may not wear laboratory goggles separately.

Analysts must avoid entering the QC laboratory with contact lenses to their eyes, as it can cause permanent damage to eyes, due to gases, fumes and other vapors in the laboratory. In the unlikely event of a chemical splash into the eye, it is often nearly impossible to remove the contact lens to rub the eye because of involuntary spasm of the eyelid. If it is absolutely essential to wear contact lenses, Manager QC and the respective supervisor must be made aware to take adequate safety precautions.

When a hazard of splashing chemicals or flying particle exist, appropriate glasses with side shields, goggles or face shields must be worn before conducting the analysis.

Face mask or gloves must be used as per materials safety instruction. Refer relevant MSDS for more information about the material /chemical.

Use fume cupboard to conduct analysis or transfer chemicals that evolve fumes and vapors. Ex. Test of sulphated ash, use of concentrated Sulphuric acid etc.

Wear specialized eye ware when it is needed to be exposed to laser, ultraviolet or other intense light sources.

Appropriate protective clothing, specially rubber gloves should be worn when handling
a) Acids or bases
b) Caustic chemicals

Ear plugs / hearing protectors should be worn when
a) Working in high noise level area
b) Working with systems that could produce a sudden sonic shock
c) Using some types of ultrasonic cleaners or other equipment emitting high frequency noise

Safety shoes should be worn when moving or lifting heavy items.

Loose clothing, neckties, scarfs, jewelry and long hair should be confined or bound so that they will not entangle in the equipment.

Always wash hands after handling chemicals and samples, before eating and before leaving work at the end of the day.

Eating, drinking, chewing, smoking or storage of food, drink or combustible materials is not permitted in the laboratory.

Do not store personal food packs like lunch and other items in the laboratory refrigerator.

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