Ointment: Ointment are usually homogeneous, semisolid preparations for external application, as such consistency that they may be applied to the skin by in unction. It is topical dosage form generally consisting of a hydrocarbon semisolid base, containing dissolved or suspended drugs. Ointments are usually prepared from fats, fatty oils, lanolin, petrolatum, paraffin, waxes, resins, glycols, higher alcohols, glycerin, water by mixing homogeneously other drugs with the foregoing materials as bases. Ointments are free from rancid odor.

It’s Semisolid dosage forms. Semisolid indefinite quantity forms embrace ointments and creams. Ointments area unit preparations for external use, meant for application to the skin. Typically, they need associate degree oily or greasy consistency and may seem “stiff” as they’re applied to the skin.

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