Management of Hold Time Samples

Upon receipt of Hold Time (HT) samples along with the test request form, the person receiving the samples shall take the samples to QC Documents room for making entry in the respective logbooks (Annexure). After the entry in the logbook, the AR No. shall be mentioned on the label of the sample packs as well as on the test request form.

The samples shall be carried to the Analytical Sample room and kept in the product specific boxes labeled with the name of the product.

The analyst shall take samples from the shelf / trays / boxes and perform the analysis. The samples will be kept in the same shelf / trays / boxes as designated as “Test ongoing” during the testing phase.

After completion of the analysis, the remaining samples (if applicable) will be kept in the same place till the review of the analytical documents and then upon completion of document review, the excess samples (if remains) will be transferred to the shelf/tray marked as “To Be Discarded” if no further assessment/investigation on the sample is required.

In case there is an OOS or Atypical result issue, the test sample will remain in the shelf / trays / boxes marked with Under Test Ongoing until the investigation is completed.

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