Loading and Adjustment of Label Roll in Labeling Machine

OBJECTIVE To provide a written procedure to ensure that the appropriate label-rolls are loaded on the machine in a correct way and then properly adjusted

SCOPE This SOP shall be applicable for Packaging Area.

1. Sr. Production Officer/Production Officer shall be responsible for implementation of the procedure.
2. Manager, Production or his/her Designee shall be accountable for training and ensuring implementation of the procedure.

*** Label counter shall be stopped.
*** The label roll of previous product shall be removed.
*** The new roll shall be loaded and the following checks shall be made:

Product name
Manufacturing License No.
Product strength
Pack size

*** The roll shall be loaded keeping the direction of labels on the left-hand side.
*** The beginning end of the roll shall be drawn forward through brush and label sensor.
*** Label counter switch shall be switched ON and the machine shall be started.
*** Discard initial printed label until a good one comes.
*** The label roll shall be held and inserted to the roll holder and aligned tilting of the roll by the guide rod.
*** The label shall be pulled and guided through up to the roller where the liner of roll is twisted.
*** The specific printing spot of the label shall be adjusted by adjusting the label sensor.
*** Height of the machine shall be adjusted vertically so that label just touches the bottle while the bottle is on the conveyor belt.
*** Distance shall be adjusted and the label shall be placed on the bottle by the use of sensor and reflector.
*** Adjustment shall be done to place label on the center of the bottle by horizontal adjustment of the roll assembly.
*** A test run shall be made for correct adjustment and checked that prints are clear.
*** Labels shall be placed on the center and the vertical position of labels shall be in correct place.
*** In case of loading of a label-roll, the direction printed on the body of the labeling machine shall be followed.

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