Line Clearance Checklist for Secondary Packaging Area

1 Ensure that product containers, materials, status labels, BPR of previous process operation are removed.
2 Ensure that area is cleaned as per the cleaning procedure and records are updated.
3 Ensure that temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure of the area is suitable for dispensing.
4 Ensure that weighing balances, autocheckweigher are calibrated, equipment bears ‘Qualified’ status label.
5 Ensure that appropriate Secondary packing materials are dispensed and being used for the batch.
6 Ensure that machine is set according to product batch no., mfg. Date and exp. date.
7 Ensure that batch printing on inner carton/outer carton, label for bottles and shipper conforms all specification.
8 Ensure that materials from the appropriate sources are intended for the product.
9 Ensure that approved SOPs and work instructions are being followed.
10 Ensure that BMR is updated till the current stage.

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