Handling and Transfer of Finished Goods

1.0 OBJECTIVE To define the handling and transfer procedure of finished goods.

2.0 SCOPE This SOP is applicable for the finished goods of MDI Unit.

3.1 Production officer is responsible to handle and transfer of finished goods.

4.1 Sr. Manager Production or his Designee.

5.1 If the temperature goes above 25ºC due to malfunctioning of the HVAC system or BAS, then immediately inform Engineering department to rectify the problem.

5.2 Transfer the finished goods to the Finished Goods Store of MDI Unit-II carefully to avoid damage.

6.1 All the shipping cartons are being transferred to the Finished Goods Store (FGS) of MDI Unit-II at the end of packaging operation.

6.2 The shipping cartons are kept in the rack of the Finished Goods Store or on the plastic pallets within the store room.

6.3 Finished goods are stored at the temperature below 25ºC until having Quality Assurance approval or before dispatch from the factory.

6.4 Reconcile and record the finished product and the packaging materials properly at the end of packaging operation.

6.5 Examine all relevant compliance factors of the finished products including a review of manufacturing, packaging and documentation.

6.6 Raise the finished goods transfer note to the warehouse using Annexure – I (Form No.: FPP/009).

6.7 Give entry of the transfer into the Finished Goods Transfer Register Annexure-II (Form No.: FPG/026)

6.8 Attached the 2nd copy of this transferred note received from warehouse with Batch Documents.

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