GMP Violations Affect Manufacturers

If many GMP violations happen, this can have a huge impact on the business of the pharmaceutical industry in India. GMP violations can harm pharmaceutical companies in four ways.

1. Suspension of production: Violation of GMP may lead to suspension of production if the violation is serious. It means that the company could lose sales and revenue.

2. Fines: Regulators can fine the company for violating GMP standards and the amount can be in the millions of dollars. This can cause financial instability for the company.

3. Legal Action – In extreme cases, GMP regulators can take legal action against companies that violate GMP regulations and management can face jail terms or heavy fines. These types of cases can seriously damage the reputation of the company and impact the business in the future.

4. Damage to reputation: Violation of GMP may result in negative publicity for the company and the customer may avoid purchasing pharmaceuticals.

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