These guidelines are the non-clinical version of the GCP It also covers animal welfare during laboratory trials. Like any other form of GxP, GLP also requires extensive documentation of aspects of its envelope. This includes thorough documentation of lab samples and test animals.

Experiments conducted on dead animals are very strictly regulated by GLP. Labs are required to handle samples in a completely humane manner under very precise standards. Results are regularly reported and stored to maximize data available for future research.

Besides GxP mentioned above, there are others like GDP (Good Documentation Practice), GEP (Good Engineering Practice), GAP (Good Auditing Practice) and GRP (Good Review Practice). They are not talked about very often even though they significantly affect the pharmaceutical industry.

GXP is a revolution that has strongly institutionalized the medical pharmaceutical industry in many positive ways. It is now a globally recognized standard and a commonly quoted term in the world of pharmaceutics.

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