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As a newly independent and determined India took its first step towards development in the 1950s, many of its inspired citizens rose up to support the nation, creating remarkable success stories. One such story is that of Dr O.S Bhargava, a Delhi based Pharmacist who set up a small unit to manufacture high quality and accessible generic medicines for a citizenry struggling in the wake of new diseases. Thus was born Cooper Pharma, a family owned pharma company that would soon become one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of medicines in the country.

The tireless efforts, hard work and devotion of Cooper Pharma enabled it to tide over some very tough times, always standing tall and meeting the challenges without compromising on its values and business ethics. As the second generation took over the business, the company, already a leader in the Indian pharma market expanded its operations globally and diversified its products portfolio that covered a variety of therapeutic categories such as hypertension drugs, anti-malarial drugs, anti diabetic drugs, gastrointestinal medicines, and health supplements etc. (See Detail). The dosage forms of these quality formulations include Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Ointments and Injectables.

Driven by a culture of innovation and research, Cooper Pharma created a supply network of 450 distributors and 8000 retailers vouching for its high quality pharmaceutical products.

A WHO approved pharmaceutical company; today its investment in cutting edge technology, a group of young and dynamic skilled professionals and researchers along with the motivating presence of the third generation of the family has allowed Cooper Pharma to scale unprecedented heights. Cooper Pharma has created a truly global presence by expanding its client base in over 30 countries with many international certifications and accreditations to become majorly an export oriented pharmaceutical company. This has been made possible by the relentless pursuit of excellence at the Company’s 7000 sq meter manufacturing facility at Dehradun established in the year 2007.

Even as the Company scales new heights and reinvents itself repeatedly to keep pace with global trends in technology and research, its values and goals of making a positive impact on human health remain unchanged.

Today Cooper Pharma is an active member of the business and corporate organizations like FICCI as well as some trade and non-trade bodies. Further, Cooper understands and accepts social responsibility and good corporate governance. The Company routinely stands with the people of India and undertakes social activities to develop our nation. The benefit of our CSR activities is reaching a large number of people living in rural and underdeveloped areas.

For the highest standards of quality, efficacy and patient-centric focus, the Company is regularly awarded and recognized at various national and international levels.

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