Concept of communication

The world communication has been derived from the Latin word “communis”, which means common. Communication, therefore, refers to the sharing of ideas, facts, opinions, information and understanding. It is the transfer or transmission of some information and understanding from one person to another. Although the word “communication” is used often, there is no consensus amongst communication experts regarding its definition. In general, it is defined as the process by which information is exchanged between individuals. The process uses written messages, spoken words and gestures. Communication can be defined as process of transmitting information, thoughts, opinions, messages, facts, ideas or emotions and understanding from one person, place or things to another person, place or thing. Organizational Behaviour seeks to examine the impact of communication on the behaviour of employees within organizations.

Agricultural communication is defined as a planned transfer of farm technologies from the research system to the farmers’ system through extension system and media with a view to make desirable changes in respect of higher productivity, profitability and prosperity and also get feedback from the clients.

The importance of communication in any managerial process can hardly be overemphasized. If an organization is to operate as an integrated unit, it is necessary that the top management should keep the lower level supervisors and employees well-informed of its ultimate objectives and what it wants each person to accomplish towards their realization. By freely sharing information, the management takes employees into its confidence, prepares them for changes, avoids misunderstanding, and removes it if at all it develops, and makes them more knowledgeable about the problems and policies of the enterprise.

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