Cleaning of Prefilters

Objective: To establish a standard procedure for cleaning of Pre filters

Scope: This SOP is applicable for cleaning of all the pre filters and Micro vee filters installed in AHU housing/ plenum/ FBP/ Coating & LAF of (Company Name).

1. Operator shall be responsible to follow the SOP strictly.
2. Supervisor shall be responsible to ensure that the SOP is followed properly.

=>> Protective dress and head gear must be worn before cleaning the filters.
=>> Check that the Exhaust fan is switched ON before starting the cleaning.
=>> Filter cleaning room must be cleaned properly after completion of cleaning.

=>> Cleaning of filters should be carried out weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and half yearly as per the Preventive Maintenance Schedule (FRM No.: FEG/024-00 & FEG/023-02) and the following steps are to be done sequentially:
=>> Before starting the work, inform the concerned department.
=>> Ensure that the electric supply to the particular machine is ‘OFF’ and hang the board “UNDER MAINTENENCE”.
=>> Open the door of the unit and unscrew the filter housing locking bolts. Remove the filters and take the filter to filter cleaning area with appropriate cover (polythene bag).
=>> Wear protective dress and head cover.
=>> Switch ON the exhaust fan of the filter cleaning room.
=>> Open the ball valve for water supply to the wet scrubber at a pressure of 1.5 bar and ensure that water is being drained.
=>> Ensure air pressure at 2 to 3 kg/cm2.
=>> Clean the filter by compressed air first from opposite direction of the normal flow and then at the direction of flow.
=>> If the filter is washable, wash it with water, first from opposite direction of normal flow and then at the direction of flow.
=>> Dry the filter with compressed air from both the sides. Keep the filter in clean and closed area till it is completely dried.
=>> Clean the inner side of the plenum and filter frame with lint free duster. Check for any damage. If found, inform to supervisor for repair or replacement.
=>> After completing the cleaning activity, drain out the dust filled water from the wet scrubber.
=>> Clean the ventilation filters of the wet scrubber with water and then dry them with compressed. Keep the filters in a clean and closed area till it is completely dried.
=>> Clean the filter cleaning area & check that the doors are properly closed and secured.
=>> Reassemble the filter in to the machine/ plenum. Tighten it with the bolts and nuts as per specification and code number.
=>> For cleaning the filters in the louver, take the vacuum pump nozzle to the particular louver. Start the pump and clean the filter.
=>> After proper cleaning, check for any damage to the filter elements. Any damage found is to be informed to concerned supervisor for necessary action.
=>> After completion of works, record the parameters as per ANNEXURE –I (for HVAC System) and also in the respective schedules.

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