Cleaning and sanitation of QC Laboratory

OBJECTIVE : To lay down the general procedure about cleaning and sanitation of Quality Control Department.

SCOPE : The SOP is applicable for Quality Control Department of (Company Name).

1 Each individual in the laboratory is responsible for carrying out the procedure.

2 Overall responsibility for training, implementation & follow-up with the QC Manager or his nominee.

Cleaning compound and sanitizing agents shall be free from undesirable microorganism. These materials shall be safe and adequate. Supplier’s guarantee or certification, Safety Data sheet shall be maintained in a file for easy access by employees.

– Laboratory must be maintained in a clean and tidy and safe condition with apprppriate control and management of waste materials.

– Trained person or personnel shall be engaged for cleaning and sanitization activities. Their training records shall be documented.

– Only the following toxic materials shall be used and or stored in the laboratory:

– Those required maintaining clean and sanitary condition, especially antibacterial solution, liquid detergent etc.

– Those needed for used in laboratory testing procedures.

– Those needed for plant and equipment maintenance and operation.

– Sanitizer equivalent to 50 ppm (approx.) chlorine can also be used in the laboratory especially in microbiology laboratory.

– All above materials shall be stored in locked and labeled facilities away from production handling areas.

– All test equipment shall be cleaned following the respective cleaning procedure. This cleaning shall be performed after each product test to avoid interference of residue in analysis.

– The equipment cleaning shall be recorded in respective equipment logbook following SOP on Quality Control Equipment Logbook (SOP No.QC011).
– All working tables shall be cleaned using dry duster. When necessary, surfaces may be wet-cleaned and followed by dry swab using dry duster before subsequent use.

– All reagent bottles lying on testing table shall be cleaned using dry duster once every day.

– All used glassware in analytical laboratory shall be cleaned immediately after each use following SOP on cleaning of glassware (SOP No. QC013).

– Organism contaminated glass wares shall be autoclaved before washing. Sanitizer equivalent to 50ppm(approx.) chlorine shall be used to wash all contaminated glassware in microbiology laboratory.

Cleaning of chemical contaminated glassware in microbiology laboratory shall be done following step 5.9.

– All garments such as aprons, smocks, masks and caps shall be laundered routinely following laundering program. The analyst in the laboratory shall change their dresses at least twice in a week.

Cleaning of facilities include walls, floors, and ceilings shall be carried out in following way:

– Debris shall be swept up and discarded

– Floors shall be wet mops using potable water and using antiseptic solution everyday. During use of antiseptic solution different brand shall be used alternatively.

– Floors shall be rinsed with water-detergent solution followed by dry mop. This rinsing shall be carried out using floor-scrubbing machine at least every alternate month.

– Floor scrubbing brush may be used as an alternative technique (step 5.13.3). In that case cleaning shall be done at least once in every month.

– Walls and ceiling shall be cleaned as needed but at least once a year. This cleaning preferably be done using dry mop. If required wet mop can be used.

– The glass partitions and window glass panels shall be cleaned using thinner (a kind of glass cleaning agent) at least once in a week.

– All furniture shall be dry cleaned at least once in a day. Washing basins shall be cleaned frequently and also at work end. Sufficient potable water shall be drained out through basin during cleaning of basins.

– Facility shall be cleaned with an approved cleaner. He shall be trained about the requirement of Good Laboratory Practices and related SOPs. Training record shall be maintained.

– Records of facility cleaning shall be maintained in a register. At least the following information shall be recorded:

– Facility Name (Floor/wall/ceiling/bench top/window glass etc)

– Date and time of cleaning

– Mode of cleaning

– Name of cleaning agent used

– Frequency of cleaning

– Cleaning done by (Name, Signature and date)

– Verification by and date

– Analyst of Quality Control shall perform daily visual inspection of respective equipment prior to start work.

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