Checklist for Audit in Laundry

1. The premises are cleaned & situated in an environment which has minimum risk for contamination.

2. Sufficient area for storage of unwashed clothes & washed clothes.

3. Washing & drying premises was found cleaned & in good condition.

4. There are arrangements to control the entry of rodents, insects and birds.

5. Water connection was present & connected to underground tank 5000 liters & overhead tank 5000 liters capacity. Water from the overhead tank was used for washing the clothes. Bore well is also there as an alternate provision.

6. Under ground & Overhead tank cleaning frequency is once in a month.

7. Semi automatic washing machine, with S.S. inner body.

8. Following washing procedure is followed for White clothes:
In one cycle maximum 100 clothes (either shirts or pants) are washed. The procedure is as follows:
A) Initially water rinsing for 5 min. & water is drained.
B) About 35 Liters Hot water is added into the washing Machine. About 250 g of washing soda & about 250 g of detergent powder were added & stirred. The clothes are soaked in the above water for about 10 minutes. Further washing machine was operated for about 30 minutes.
C) Soap water was drained out completely & clothes were rinsed for two times with about 50 liters of fresh water. Visual checks are done for removal of soap traces.
D) To the rinse clothes about 50 liters of water & about 100 g of bleaching powder & 10 gms of Tenopal is added & washing machine was operated for further 5 minutes.
E) Water was drained out completely & clothes are rinsed with further about 50 liters of fresh water.
F) Clothes are removed from washing machine & dried in sunlight.
G) After complete drying in sunlight clothes were ironed packed & delivered.

9. Following washing procedure is followed for Colored clothes: Except step (D) all above steps were followed for washing & drying.

10. Clothes are collected washed & dried separately.

11. Oil stained clothes were washed separately.

12. White clothes & colored clothes are washed separately.

13. Party is not doing garment-washing work for any Pharmaceutical Company or Hospital or Hotel.

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