Change/Replacement of Prefilter and Bag Filter

Objective: To establish a standard procedure for changing the pre filters and bag filters of HVAC System

Scope: This procedure is applicable for replacement of pre filters and bag filters of HVAC System of (Company Name)

1. Operator shall be responsible to follow the procedure strictly.
2. Supervisor shall be responsible to ensure that the SOP is followed properly.

Accountability: Head of Engineering

=>> Concerned personnel should be trained on the SOP
=>> PPE should be worn before starting work.
=>> Hang the instruction board “UNDER MAINTENANCE”.
=>> Isolate the power of the AHU

Following works shall be done sequentially to change the filter
=>> Criteria for filter change:
=>> Pre filter: physically found damage, un-cleanable or after one year.
=>> Bag filter: physically found damage or differential pressure exceeds 200 Pascal (20 mm of H2O)

=>> Removing procedure
=>> Open the door of the AHU
=>> Unscrew the filter from housing / frame
=>> Remove the filter from housing
=>> Carry out the filter to the rejected filter area.

=>> Installation procedure
=>> Clean the filter housing
=>> Select the filter as per specification
=>> Give the allotted code number to the filter
=>> Set the filter to the filter housing. Ensure the air flow direction before fixing the filter.
=>> Ensure that the filter is fixed with sealing gaskets
=>> Use sealant if required to avoid infiltration of air
=>> Close the door of the filter properly

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