Basic demand of GDP

1. Always record entries at the time of concurrent activity.

2. Always record date along with signature in GMP records.

3. Always use an unmarked ballpoint pen to record data in the GMP record.

4. Always enter data directly into GMP records in English language.

5. Never use pencil or erasable or water soluble ink pens to complete GMP records.

6. Do not use white ink or correction fluid to correct entries in the GMP record.

7. Never sign any document for someone else. Only sign in for work you’ve done yourself.

8. Never backdate GMP records.

9. Never discard original data of any kind.

10. Never use scratch paper, loose paper or “post-it” to record data.

11. Never discard or destroy any GMP records until the retention period has expired.

12. Documentation and records used throughout the production process, as well as supporting processes, must meet the basic requirements of GDP.

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