Applications of Dry Granulation

Dry granulation operations are found in a wide range of industries including:

Pharmaceutical industry. Within the pharmaceutical industry, the dry granulation process is primarily used to increase material flowability and prevent particle segregation, facilitating faster and more consistent feeding into the tablet process. By achieving and maintaining these conditions, pharmaceutical manufacturers are better able to produce pharmaceutical tablets and capsules with consistent weight, adequate strength, and even and predictable distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Chemical industry. As in the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry often needs to improve the physical properties of a powder. As such, employing dry compaction techniques and technologies can greatly facilitate their production. Common applications are found in battery mass production, fine chemicals, fertilizers and other agricultural products. Common chemical processes are silica and carbon black.

Food and beverage industry. The food and beverage industry relies on dried grains to produce tablets and pills (eg, vitamins and supplements), as well as flavor extracts, instant mixes, and other powder-based products.

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