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AB7 is an independent French family group founded in 1971 by Mr. René CHELLE which has continued to develop over the years.

From its beginnings in the fields of biology, oenology and aquariums to today, AB7 has been able to develop its internal skills and know-how, thus strengthening its capacity for innovation and adaptation.

The Group has become a key player in animal health and well-being, in cosmetics and human care products, in household and environmental care products and more recently, in agro-ecology and bio-control.

AB7, an approved veterinary pharmaceutical establishment, develops and distributes its own brands and also positions itself as a privileged CMO and CDMO partner in the development and manufacture of products in all its fields.

“Contribute to a healthier world through innovation”
The mission of the AB7 Group is to contribute to a healthier world by improving the well-being of people and animals in their homes while having a positive social and environmental impact. We believe in the principle of “one health” and have the ambition to become a player in this process. We aim to contribute to current issues by working with international partners to achieve this mission together. Innovation is at the heart of the solutions we offer our customers and partners in the products and services we deliver to them.

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